AXS project

The project:

This was a huge project involving the designing of the 1st, 2nd and 4th story of our client’s office – containing an executive room, conference room, office cubicles and wiring management.


The challenge:

The project was a huge one – involving hundreds of units and various departments spreading across different stories. With the limited time that was given to us, we had to find a way to complete the project – while still ensuring optimal quality and service. Lastly, the executive desk also posed as a challenge as they all needed to be customized in special lengths.

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Our solutions:

This project showed how good scheduling and planning help boasted efficiency and we managed to execute the project well despite the limited time frame. Additionally, because of our client’s needs, lots of customization was required and we had to import panels from Taiwan, desks from Malaysia and chairs from China – this process taking 4-6 weeks, leaving us with only a week to install everything. But thanks to our client’s cooperation and the professionalism on our team, we managed to execute everything on time. 




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