Wish Desking - Walnut

Wish Desking – Walnut

1) 1060 Standard table W1000 X D600 X H740mm

2) 1260 Standard table W1200 X D600 X H740mm

3) 1070 Standard table W1000 X D700 X H740mm

4) 1270 Standard table W1200 X D700 X H740mm

5) 1460 Standard table W1400 X D600 X H740mm

6) 1470 Standard table W1400 X D700 X H740mm

7) 1570 Standard table W1500 X D700 X H740mm

8) 1670 Standard table W1600 X D700 X H740mm

9) 1870 Executive desk W1800 X D700 X H740mm

10) 1890 Executive desk W1800 X D900 X H740mm

To Be Indent

1) 1212 / L&R Ergonomic table W1200 X D1200 X H740mm

2) 1512 / L&R Ergonomic table W1500 X D1200 X H740mm

3) 1612 / L&R Ergonomic table W1600 X D1200 X H740mm

4) 1215-5071 / L&R Ergonomic table W1200 X D1500 X H740mm

5) 1415-5071 / L&R Ergonomic table W1400 X D1500 X H740mm

6) 1515-6071 / L&R Ergonomic table W1500 X D1500 X H740mm


Main desk, ergonomic desk, L-shape ergonomic desk, side table, mobile pedestal, side cabinet, cabinet, table hutch,


We have six colors for this series as following: Cherry 384White 101Grey 203Prunus 3E1, Walnut 375,Borasso

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Compressed Wood

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