Digital Safe

Fire Resistant Safe – Digital

As widely used in office, house or hotel industry, we imported a series of manual dial safe for your choices.

1)VS 30D 2 keys,1Digital W400XD362XH320 30kgs
2)VS 30DE 2 keys,1digital + 2pcs emergency keys W400XD362XH320 30kgs
3)VS 53D 2 keys,1Digital W486XD428XH372 55kgs
4)VS 60D 2 keys,1Digital W430XD467XH475 60kgs
5)VS 90D 2 keys,1Digital W440XD497XH620 90kgs
6)VS 90DE 2 keys,1digital +2pcs emergency keys W440XD497XH620 90kgs
7)VS 110D 2 keys,1Digital W500XD510XH670 120kgs
8)VS 110DE 2 keys,1digital +2pcs emergency keys W500XD510XH670 120kgs
9)VS 130D 2 keys,1Digital W500XD550XH750 136kgs
10)VS 130DE 2 keys,1digital +2pcs emergency keys W500XD550XH750 136kgs
11)VS 180D 2 keys,1Digital W600XD570XH900 180kgs
12)VS 260D 2 keys,1digital +2pcs emergency keys W600XD570XH1200 260kgs

Key Facts:

–          2  hour fire protection

–          Heavy duty construction

–          Heavy duty steel hinge

–          With combination of key lock and digital lock

–          2 stationary locking bolts  on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges

–          Body thick 2-2.5”, hinge thick 3-3.5”  (Roughly)